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We’re thrilled to introduce you to our exceptional team. Did we mention that we’re excited to collaborate with you? Don’t hesitate – reach out!

At McCourt, our sales and customer service representatives are seasoned professionals in the field of labeling solutions. They’re here to assist you in choosing the perfect liner, face sheet, adhesive, and design tailored to your specific needs. Feel free to get in touch with your requirements, and we’ll deliver top-notch labels of premium quality at competitive prices.

Sal Luzzi

President & CEO

Brandon Means

VP of Operations

Sharon Zampogna

Vice President – Sales

Jessica Whiteman

Customer Service Manager

Todd Butler

Business Development Manager

Joe Tigani

Business Development Manager

June Smith

Sales Assistant

Blayke Geer

Account Manager

Gail Close-Galloway

Customer Service Representative

Molly Rismiller

Customer Service Representative

Jenna Wolbert

Sales Support

Scott Martin

Senior Technical Support Representative

Tyler Rolick

Senior Estimator

Maria Swanson

Quality Manager

Hilery Farrell

Marketing & Customer Service

Tammy Anderson