As a company certified under ISO 14001:2015, McCourt Label has garnered significant interest in eco-friendly label materials and constructions that align with our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our dedication goes beyond improving environmental health – it extends to supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals. Incorporating sustainability into business practices not only contributes to a healthier planet but also brings about various incentives, including enhanced customer loyalty, cost savings, and compliance with governmental regulations.

The featured products, whether currently available or arriving soon, exemplify our dedication to providing eco-friendly solutions. Stay tuned for upcoming releases in future editions that will further empower your company to contribute to a better future for our most crucial asset: the planet.

Explore our offerings:

Semi-Gloss with 30% Post-Consumer Waste:

  • Equipped with all-temp adhesive for versatile applications

Hemp Paper (60#):

  • A visually unique and sustainable facer made with 25% hemp and 75% post-consumer waste
  • Ideal for labeling organic and natural products, including food, health and beauty aids, candles, and household cleaners
  • No virgin wood content, aligning with eco-friendly practices

Kona Paper (100% Post-Consumer Waste):

  • Crafted from a blend of repurposed coffee bean bag fiber and post-consumer waste material
  • Boasts a slightly rough texture and visible jute pieces, making a visual and environmental statement
  • Recommended for products associated with the coffee industry and those with an eco-friendly branding message
  • Available in three colors – light, medium, and dark roast.

Domaine Eco 1 (60# Wet Strength Paper):

  • 100% post-consumer waste, combining good looks and performance with environmental responsibility
  • Resistant to moisture, making it ideal for beverage applications like wine, beer, and chilled spirits
  • Rich color and texture enhance upscale food and personal care products
  • Possesses “green” credibility, making it a perfect match for organic or natural-type products


Contact us for more information on these or other products. Stay tuned for upcoming issues where we will go into detail on other eco-friendly label materials!